Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You would think that...

since I have been off the map for awhile due to a nasty flu bug that I would be in the perfect position to write an amazing and insightful blog post all about natural home remedies or chemical free clean up of a bed full of people who have been vomited on (don't ask... you do NOT want to know)

BUT, I am not quite far enough removed from that particular subject to be ready to visit it, yet.

SO, I have a semi-amazing and uninsightful recipe for you, instead. (sorry, no pictures)

the juice of four oranges
a frozen banana
4-6 strawberries
2 big fistfuls of fresh spinach
and a scoop of protein powder (I use an organic hemp powder)

Blend and enjoy... and yes, I have this EVERY morning for breakfast. I am  a creature of habit.

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